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Kiss Tea

Ah yes cold brew teas
for the ups and downs of love
and relationships.

Herbal tea

Cold brew herbal tea for kissing,
making out, and everything in between.

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A line of cold brew teas specially designed to take care of your love life. Broken heart? Saw your ex with someone else? Just made out with a new crush? Been together for ten years? - now there is a tea for all the twists and turns of your relationship(s). Kiss Tea is less expensive and far more pleasant than your therapist.

Green tea

Cold brew green tea for flirting,
teasing, and moving on from your ex.

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We Brew it

Take a secret blend of teas from faraway lands, perhaps a dash of exotic herbs and fruit, some fresh cold spring water and plenty of charm. Then find the perfect time and place, put on the right music and let the magic happen. No preservatives, no artificial flavors, no nonsense - just a natural refreshing cold brew that will fix any aching heart.


 Oolong tea

Cold brew Oolong tea for that
sweet sweet longing.

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"Kiss Tea helped me find
true love."

— A Happy Kiss Tea Drinker


 Black tea

Cold brew black tea for heartaches,
heartbreaks, and the single life.

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the Earth

Oh yes we love this planet and like any good relationship that means ensuring sustainability - minimizing waste, recycling and generally doing good. All Kiss Tea bottles are made of glass and are reusable and recyclable. Drink Kiss Tea with a clean conscience.

Our Team



Jaesy - our Tea Master extraordinaire, has had a love affair with tea her whole life, growing up around her family's tea farms in Taiwan. Jaesy believes tea and love are a beautiful combination.



Anshul is an ex-physician, ex-academic, ex-consultant, ex-tech entrepreneur and ex-photographer. As you can tell he's had a lot of ex's. Anshul manages Kiss Tea's operations.



Ben combines his love for tech with his insatiable love for food and drink. Ben has founded quite a few fun food brands and creates Kiss Tea's
e-commerce and online retail strategies.